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I specialize in working with children, adolescents, young adults and their parents. The relationship between parent and child is the essence of love and life - a garden for growth! Theories of attachment are the driving force behind the interventions I use and the way I conceptualize cases. We are all hard wired for attachment and connection; we need it to survive, we need it to thrive.  

We, as parents have no greater motivator for change than our children! My intention is to take full advantage of this unique dynamic, with a vision for a broad shift in the way we parent as a society and culture.  Struggling parents: you are not alone! Don't let parenting become a bigger burden than a joy.  Together, we can find solutions so you can experience change in your own life and in the life of your precious little one(s). I have a 100% guaranteed no judgments policy! We don't parent either "right" or "wrong" - we parent either with or without enough information and support. I am here to make sure you are parenting with enough.

I find that most behavioral issues parents encounter with their children (which, if remain unaddressed, become dysfunctional patterns in adulthood) can be traced back to a perceived breach in connection. Working from this orientation, my goal is simple: repair the connection.  
I provide a safe environment for both children and adolescents, and work with parents providing workshops, individual and family therapy.

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